Have you ever encountered these pain points in mining?

Cloud Mining

1. The packages are priced too high, and can rarely deliver a positive return.

2. Mining terms are restrictive, there is little you can do if your investment doesn't break even before the contract expires.

3. Impossible to withdraw, almost all cloud mining contracts are non-refundable.

Colocation (aka Hosting)

Steep barriers to entry, not suitable for most retail clients.


Our team founded BTC.TOP over 6 years ago. It has long been a leading cryptocurrency mining pool and among the top 10 for bitcoin mining. All our business decisions have been aimed at generating more mining profits for our users. We integrate the entire supply chain into our business model and are capable of significantly reducing the mining cost. We have created a product that is more profitable, more user friendly and less risky for users.

Joint Mining

In short, Joint Mining combines the advantages of both Cloud Mining and Hosting while either reducing or eliminating all their pain-points for users. B.TOP is the first perfect example of a Joint Mining platform.

Why B.TOP?

  • fiat-money
    Low Barrier to Entry

    You don’t have to buy the hashrate of at least one full mining machine. You can buy a part of it, as small as 1TH/s. You still enjoy the benefits of bulk order prices from manufacturers.

  • bitcoin-mining
    Mine Till the End!

    Your machines will continue to mine crypto until they are completely obsolete, with the possibility to restart when market conditions get better.

  • permissioned-blockchain
    The machines are yours!

    The machines you purchased are yours! You can either withdraw them anytime from the program and have them shipped to your address or re-sell them at market price anytime to us.

  • buy-cryptocurrencies
    Save Time and Energy

    You only pay for the machines you purchase, that too at bulk order prices that we can get from manufacturers. Afterwards, we run and maintain them for you while you sit back and relax!

  • ledger
    We Don’t Charge Until You Break Even

    We charge a management fee only when you have broken even. Until that point, you pay only for the machines you purchased and for the special low priced electricity (both at cost) that they consume.

  • encrypted
    Safe & Reliable

    We are the same team that founded and runs BTC.TOP, a leading cryptocurrency mining pool that is running for over six years now and is among the top 10 bitcoin mining pools.